Raspoloživost: Isporuka 10-14 dana

Omni-directional movements
Light ROV: 4.5kgs quick to install (3 minutes)
4K stabilized camera
Possibility to add accessories (up to 1.5kg)

22.800,00 kn 18.240,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1 x Chasing M2 Underwater Drone
  • 1 x 100m cable
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Radio control
  • 1 x Transport case
  • 1 x Cleaning tool
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x User Guide

With an approximate speed of 3 knots and 100 meters of range via its cable, explore the seabed for your professional activity. It is equipped with 2 powerful LED projectors of 2000 Lumens each and an F1.8 aperture. This setting is ideal for filming or photographing in low light. Your Chasing M2 will allow you to carry up to 1.5 kg of equipment, GoPro camera and other external accessories. A real-time feedback is possible via an external HDMI control screen or via the remote control screen.

You will be able to share via the dedicated application, on social networks in Live Stream. Ideal for professionals for all missions of boat hull inspections, aquaculture, scientific exploration, search and rescue. If you are an audiovisual professional or if your business concerns the marine world, you can share it with your audience. And let them discover the wonders of the ocean live on your social networks. Take photos up to 12MP and shoot in 4k 30 fps, benefit from EIS stabilization to make your images perfect.

Get great photos and videos and store them on the supplied 64 GB micro SD card. The Chasing M2 drone has a removable battery and allows an autonomy of about 4 hours to save time in your mission. No need to wait to recharge if you have a second battery. Once charged, you can take advantage of the 8 thrusters during your next outings. The drone is omnidirectional, which allows you to use it in all directions and it will never get stuck.

Model: Professional submarine drone CHASING M2
Brand: Chasing
Underwater drone weighing less than 5 kg (aluminum alloy body)
4K30 fps stabilized camera
Maximum load capacity of 1.5 kgs
Omni-directional movement capacity
Quick to set up (3 minutes)
2 years warranty

1 / 2.3 CMOS sensor
Focal lengthf / 1.8
Video resolution (s)4K @ 30p, 1080p @ 30p and slow motion 120p, 720p @ 30p and slow motion 240p
MP4 video format
12 megapixel photo resolution
JPEG / DNG photo format (s)
ISO variationISO100 to ISO6400
64GB memory card(included)
Number of LEDs2 x 2000 lumens
Colortemperature 5000K-5500K
Power2.9A / 25.2V
Charging time2 hours
Dimensions380 x 267 x 165 mm
Weight4.5 kg
Depth100 meters
Operating temperature from-10 to 45 ° C
Max cruising speed1.5 m / s or 3 knots
8-motor turbines
Omnidirectional maneuverability
AutonomyBetween 2 and 4 hours

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