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Please Water and Dust Proof,Operational in All Weather Condition
More Powerful, More Steady
Eligible for Beyond Visual Range Piloting
Fully Support SDK Development and Customization
Easy to Carry and Operate

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  • Wind 2 Platform
  • Z30 Mount
  • X3/XT/Z3/X5 Mount
  • Remote Controller
  • Accessory Kit
  • Case

Designed as an integrated flying platform, the DJI Wind 2 allows convenience, stabillity, efficiency and the flexibility in use. It is IP56 rated for water and dust resistance. The DJI Wind 2 uses the E2000 propolstion system for maximum power.

Leveraging cutting edge technologies, it features both aesthetics and practial functions. It is compatible with a variety of industrial equipment, expanding the industrial applications of drones.

Worry-Free Integration
Industrial drones easily remind us of heavy equipment,tedious installation and maintenance,complex configuration and imperfect solution. Now,forget them all! Born for industrial applth all-in one design, DJI Wind 2 makes it possible to start the operation in the air within seconds.

Robust materials and long battery life
The shell of the aircraft body is made of light weight and compact industrial materials to resist up to 5-grade wind and adapt to the temperature ranging from -10°C to +50°C.
The propulsion system is so powerful that the aircraft can take off with a maximum weight of 6kg. Dual battery compartments allow two large capacity batteries be used at the same time. A flight time of 38 minutes or longer can be reached.

Durable carrying case
This waterproof and air-tight carrying case with a layer of concetrated EVA foam inside well protects DJI Wind 2 and accessories.

Security case
Size:850 mm(L) x 730 mm(W) x 430 mm(H)


Axis Distance


Weightwith battery


Weightwith 22000mah battery


Max Load Weightwith MG-12000mAh battery


Installation Platform for Third

Party Device

Fast Release Platform


A3*1, IMU*2, GPS*1

Propulsion System

Model of Motors


Model of Propellers


Model of the ESC


Operating Temperature




Hover Accuracy (Safe-to-fly, GPS)

Vertical: 0.5 m ; Horizontal: 1.5 m

Max Angular Velocity


Max Pitch Angle


Max Ascent Speed

5 m/s

Max Descent Speed

3 m/s

Max Wind Speed Resistance

10 m/s

Max Flight Speed

18 m/s


SDK Interface

Onboard SDK/Mobile SDK

Power Supply

12S, 15v



Connection to DJI Assistant

Micro USB

Flight Time

Hovering Timewithout payload

40 min

Hovering Timewith Zenmuse X3/X5/ XT/ Z3/Z30

Avg. 36 min


Drone Size

650mm(L)* 650mm(W)*390mm(H) 

Case Size

850mm(L)* 730mm(W)*430mm(H)

Optional Equipment

Zenmuse X3/Z3/XT/X5/X5R, Zenmuse Z30, Megaphone, Supply Box(S), D-RTK, Guidance, Manifold, 4G unit, Drone tracking & monitoring unit, Ground StationiPad,Ground StationPC

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