Filmcity 9" Cube camera cage

Raspoloživost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

High Strength & Durable Cage for Professional & refined shots

950,00 kn 760,00 kn

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  • 2 x 9" Cube Camera Cage Bracket 
  • Quick Release Top Handle
  • 2 x 200mm Female Rods
  • 2 x 300mm Female Rods
  • Tripod Mounting Plate

In order to make your filming experience more versatile and convenient, Filmcity unveils its robust 9" Cube camera cage (FC-CU-9). It’s a high strength cage solution for videomakers who want to raise their production value. This lightweight Cage holds your camera firmly with accessory mounting option that adds possibility to attach accessories, the quick release plate attached to it enables fast camera setups & top handle makes it easy to hold & helps in getting low angle shots. This performance cage can be further customized to a production rig kit as per the shooting needs.

 Construction : High impact, high strength Polyamide resin
 Camera Mounting Screw : 1/4"-20
 Tripod Mounting Threads : 1/4"-20
 Accessory Mounting Threads : 1/4"-20
 Centre to Centre spacing : 60mm
 Rods dia : 15mm
 Internal Dimensions : 17.5cm x 16cm 

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