Flycam U-Flycam with Hard Case

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Reduces fatigue allowing longer shooting times. Lightweight Camera stabilizer for cameras up to 1.5kg / 3.3lb .

Normalna cijena 975,00 kn Posebna cijena 780,00 kn 624,00 kn

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  •   U-Flycam handheld stabilizer
  •   Quick release plate
  •   Hard Case

At half the weight and more stable than any other platform, the U- FLYCAM DSLR stabilizer lets you 'fly' wherever the action takes you. Indoors, exteriors, up and down stairs, running through a crowded bazaar, car chases and more, whenever the shot calls for precise control and fluid camera movement, for many, the logical choice is our U-Flycam DSLR stabilizer.

  Rugged construction with metal parts being black anodized aluminum 
  Hi-grade plastic knobs 
  Foam padded Handle Grip 
  Color  Black 
  Weighing Capacity 1.5kg / 3.3lb 
  Weight rods articulate through any horizontal axis 
  Fastening screw  1/4"-20 
  Camera balance aluminum weights 

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