Glidecam Gold Sled With Anton Bauer

by Glidecam
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Anton Bauer base for cameras up to 38lbs, 12/24 volt power

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  • Glidecam Gold Sled With Anton Bauer

The new Glidecam Gold Sled holds any video or film camera weighing from 13 to 38 pounds. The Gold Sled incorporates sophisticated engineering and precision machining to make it lightweight and strong. It is designed with the same look and aesthetics as the Glidecam Gold Arm and Vest. The black parts of the Glidecam Gold Sled are anodized black with certain parts hard coated black.

Construction Aluminum and stainless steel
Load Capacity 38.0 lb (17.2 kg)
Dovetail Plate Yes
Post Adjustable from 22" to 32" with Gimbal guide scale markings.
Gimbal Free floating, no tools precision three axis Gimbal (<.0002" deflection off true center)
Dynamic Spin 360 degree panning and tilting
Head Assembly/Top Stage Front:
2-pin Lemo 1B302 style with 12 volt out, two 4-pin Lemo OB304 style with video/power out and one 4-pin Lemo OB304 video/power in connectors
Lemo 1B303 style with switchable 12/24 volt power, BNC video in, and a 2 pin Lemo 1B302 style with 12 volt out.
Monitor Panasonic TC-7WMS1
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