Rotolight Neo 3 light Kit

by Rotolight
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3000-10,000K Color Temperature
RGB Mode for 16.7 Million Colors
14 Effects Modes, 2500 Digital Filters
Integrated Flash Receiver

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  • Rotolight NEO 3 On-Camera RGBWW LED Light 3-Light Kit
  • 3 x Rotolight NEO 3 Diffuser Dome
  • 3 x Rotolight NEO 3 Battery
  • 3 x Rotolight Compact Light Stand for Rotolight NEO and RL48 Fixtures
  • Rotolight NEO 3 Dual-Channel Fast Battery Charger
  • Hard Roller Case

Rotolight continues to push on-camera lighting technology forward with the release of the incredibly compact and yet super bright NEO 3. Blending continuous RGBWW LED technology with flash functionality-including high-speed sync-allows hybrid shooters to enjoy one powerful lighting solution for all their work. This 3-Light Kit will make it even more enjoyable and versatile by including three lights and all the accessories you need to get shooting.

Extremely Bright & Pocket-Sized

The NEO 3's small form factor is no indication of its output. It is 3 stops brighter than its predecessor with a measured output of 5,443 lux at 3.3' in continuous mode or 10,700 lux when set to flash. This will give both photographers and videographers the ability to better control the look of their subject.
As for size, the NEO 3 is small and designed for use on camera with a form factor that measures just 5.7" in diameter and is under 2" thick. A weight of 12.5 oz makes sure you aren't weighed down.

High-Speed RGB Flash

Having access to full RGB lighting with 16.7 million colors increases the versatility of the NEO 3. Plus, you can use it in the flash mode. This allows you to use the NEO 3 as a key, fill, or colored accent to create distinct looks in your images and video. The flash functionality is on par with traditional lights as it can sync at up to 1/8,000 second shutter speed. A huge plus of the NEO 3 is that it does not require any recycle time, permitting for rapid fire imaging without any loss in light quality or power.
Color accuracy is just as important, if not more important, then variety and the NEO 3 achieves a TLCI rating of 99. This ensures accurate rendering of your subjects. If you use filters, the light offers 2,500 digital options based on those from LEE and Rosco.

Intuitive Controls

On the back of the NEO 3 you will find all the controls you need to operate the light. Two physical knobs alongside a color touchscreen allow you to access any of your needed settings. Users can save presets to quickly recall some of their favorite modes. Plenty of other specialized modes are available, too. Users can quickly create special effects such as lightning or fire or stick to more conventional CCT (3,000-10,000K) and HSI options.
Users will also benefit from battery power using standard NP-F style packs. These batteries are available in multiple sizes and will provide long runtimes.

Wireless Sync & Operation

While on-camera operation is a key advantage of the NEO 3 it is just as comfortable off camera. The fixture has built-in wireless support using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for Rotolight HSS and Elinchrom Skyport transmitters as well as a 3.5mm sync port for wired devices.
Rotolight does make iOS and Android apps for even more control over the NEO 3, including multiple lights at the same time. These apps are able to communicate with lights as long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network.

3-Light Kit

This NEO 3 3-light kit features three lights along with with all the essential pieces needed to use the lights.
3 x NEO 3 LED Light
3 x Dome Diffuser
3 x Rechargeable Battery Pack
1 x Dual-Channel Battery Charger
3 x Light Stands
1 x Rolling Hard Case
Optional accessories are available for using both direct modifiers and third-party options, including those with a standard Bowens S mount.

Light Fixture  
Cooling System Fan
Display Touchscreen LCD
AC Input Power None
Power Consumption 50 W Maximum
Packaging Info  
Package Weight 27.165 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 23.7 x 17.6 x 10.6"
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