Samyang Xeen CF 85mm T1.5 PL

by Samyang
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • Reduced weight & volume compared to original XEEN models
  • Larger aperture and focus gear rings (with rounded edges)
  • Luminous scales with new clearly visible font
2.257,50 € 1.806,00 €

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  • 1x XEEN CF 85mm T1.5 - PL Lens
  • 1x Fron Lens Cap
  • 1x Rear Lens Cap

Reflecting the current trend in more compact and lightweight video equipment, along with outstanding definition, XEEN CF models are the first full-frame cinema lenses which incorporate carbon fibre (lighter and stronger than metal) into the lens barrel. They also feature luminous scale markings in a new, clearly visible font.

XEEN CF lenses support 8K and full frame (large format) image sensors installed in the latest movie cameras and will be available in Canon EF, PL and Sony E mounts. They are also compatible with equipment such as drones and gimbals, enabling truly flexible equipment operation. Carbon fibre has been used for its light weight, whilst adding durability and luxury through future-orientated design.

With 8K support and unique X-Coating technology, the lenses themselves provide uncompromising clarity and detail, which can be effectively controlled to create a distinctive smooth and cinematic look (even with flare and ghosting for dramatic effects). Delicate emotions of figures can be maximised, whilst still showing rich depiction. The bright T1.5 aperture value and 11-bladed diaphragms produce excellent low-light performance and beautiful bokeh.

Maximum T-stop T1.5
Image Circle Ø 43.3mm
Angle of View Full Frame* - 28.4°, Super 35** - 19.0°
Focusing range ∞ to 1.12 m
Front Size 95mm
Number of aperture blades 11
Mount PL
Size Ø100.0 x 90.5 m
Weight (without Lens cap) 1kg
Rotation Angle of Focus Ring 200°
Rotation Angle of Aperture Ring 40°
Notes *Full-frame (aspect ratio 1:1.5, dimensions 36 mm x 24 mm / 1.42“ x 0.94“)
**Super35 (aspect ratio 1:1.3, dimensions 24.9 mm x 18.7 mm / 0.98“ x 0.74“)
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