Slide Kamera HKN-2 stepper drive for X-slider 2000

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HKN-2 stepper drive dedicated for XTM SLIDER

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Sadržaj pakiranja

  • THE AIONTM IQ controller
  • Driving motor
  • AC Adapter
  • RJ-45 cable connecting the motor with the controller
  • Toothed belt mounting set
  • Limit switches
  • 2,5mm Allen key
  • 5mm Allen key
  • WS Shutter release cable (one to choose from)
  • User Manual

HKN-2 stepper drive for do XTM SLIDER

HKN-2 stepper drive dedicated for XTM SLIDER, is equipment specially designed for smooth shots in motion as well as Timelapse photos. HKN-2 stepper drive consists of an intuitive controller and a driving motor. The controller allows the user to work in various working programs: VIDEO, ANIMATION, TIMELAPSE. Simple and functional menu provides excellent ergonomics of use. Front panel of the controller is equipped a joystick and two knobs to adjust: SPEED and DAMPING.

To eliminate any movement during shutter release, HKN-2 set includes a shutter release cable that is used in ANIMATION and TIMELAPSE working programs. You can choose a proper cable depending on your camera model. HKN-2 drive controller is equipped with 1/4" mounting hole that allows you to mount additional devices using VARIO Magic Arm.

Driving motor model HKN-2

Driving motor allows for the cartload of 4kg during vertical track (100% of power) and 30kg during horizontal track (100% of power).


The AIONTM IQ controller has many extended programs. VIDEO for live action, ANIMATION for stop-motion photography and the very popular TIMELAPSE.

The 1/4” socket in the base of the controller enables it to be mounted to the cart with a 8” or 11” VARIO Magic arm.

Sterownik AION IQ


VIDEO: Free Ride Mode - Allows the user to control the speed of the slider using joystick and adjusting knobs.
Recording Mode - Records movements of the slider in order to play it back later in Playback mode.
Playback Mode - Plays back movements of the slider saved in Recording mode.
VideoLoop Mode - During VideoLoop mode slider automatically turns back and starts moving in the opposite direction once it reaches the end of movement range.

ANIMATION allows to program track of the cart and to take series of photos (the drive will trigger the shutter release itself through a cable connected to the camera).

TIMELAPE TIMELAPSE is designed for interval shots synchronized with a very slow movement of the cart.
Supply voltage: 10..18V DC
Current consumption: Average current consumption (continuous horizontal track) 
- 0,9A for 100% power
- 0,6A for 66% power
- 0,3A for 33% power
Maximum current consumption
- 3A for 100% power
- 2A for 66% power
- 1,2A for 33% power
Operating time with battery 12V 7Ah (room temperature, horizontal track): - approx. 8h for 100% power
- approx. 13h for 66% power
- approx. 24h for 33% power>
Cart speed: - up to 200mm/s - in VIDEO program
- minimally 100mm/99h - in TIMELAPSE program
Operating temperature range: -10°C to 70°C
Shutter release cable 
(one to choose from):
WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6, WS-7, WS-8, WS-9
shutter release cables used in ANIMATION, TIMELAPSE programs
Controller dimensions in mm: Width: 140mm
Length: 190mm
Height: 50mm (with joystick: 60mm)
Weight (controller, driving motor): 1720g
Slider cart payload Maximum payload for horizontal track: 
- 30kg for power >= 66% 
- 10kg for power = 33% 
Maximum payload for vertical track: 
- 4kg for 100% power
- 2kg for 66% power
- zero for 33% power
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