SmallRig Clamp-On Ring (80/85-95mm) 3654

by SmallRig
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Quick release


375,00 kn 300,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1 x Clamp-On Ring (Φ80-Φ95mm)

  • 1 x Clamp-On Ring (Φ85-Φ95mm)

SmallRig Clamp-On Ring kit (Φ80/85-95mm) 3654, universal accessories for Star-Trail and mini series matte box(3196,3575,3680), is designed for quick release of Φ80/Φ85mm cine lens matte box. It includes one Φ80-Φ95mm clamp-on ring and one Φ85-Φ95mm clamp-on ring.


  • Φ95mm Star-Trail series matte box (ID: 3556, 3645)
  • mini series matte box (ID: 3575, 3196, 3680)
  • Φ80/Φ85mme cine lens
Product Dimensions:  97x 97 x 24 mm
Package Dimensions:  121×104×44 mm
Product Weight:  41g±5g
Package Weight:  88g±5g
Material(s):  ABS
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