SmallRig Filter Tray (4 x 4") 3648

by SmallRig
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • Protective metal frameandanti-fingerprint design
  • Easy-to-use safety lock
  • Quick release of filter, just pull out for disassembly and push in for assembly
375,00 kn 300,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • 1 x Filter Frame (4 x 4")

SmallRig Filter Frame (4 x 4") 3648, accessory for Star-Trail and Revo-Arcane series matte box, is designed to balance exposure under complex light environment by allowing installing multiple slide-in filters. The quick-release filter fray features aluminum alloy frame and anti-fingerprint design. It has anti-off safety lock to secure filter and works with matte box or filter system to give the greatest quick release convenience to users of Star-Trail and Revo-Arcane series matte box.

Product Dimensions:  154 x 134 x 6.3 mm
Package Dimensions:  202×144×41 mm
Product Weight:  78g±5g
Package Weight:  165g±5g
Material(s):  Aluminum Alloy
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