Tilta GRAVITY G2 with safety case Version

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Capture stabilized footage with your DSLR, GoPro, smartphone or mirrorless camera with a Tilta Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System with Safety Case. 

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Sadržaj pakiranja

  • Multi-head Screwdriver
  • Tilta G1 Hotshoe Support Bracket
  • Tilta G2 3-Axis Gimbal Body
  • Tilta G2 and G2X Battery Pistol Grip Handle
  • Tilta 4-Slot 18650 Battery Charger (Batteries Not Included)
  • Tilta G2 and G2X Baseplate with Riser
  • Tilta G1 Baseplate Lens Support
  • Tilta Hardshell Waterproof Safety Case

Tilta Gravity G2 Handheld Gimbal System with Safety Case supports up to an 8 lb payload for your DSLR and mirrorless cameras, plus your GoPro or smartphone and accessories. Mount camera accessories using the (2) rosettes on the handle of the Gravity G2 Gimbal. The (4) user modes  take advantage of Gravity G2's gimbal stabilization: 

  • Pan Follow Mode
  • Tilt Lock Mode
  • Fully Stabilized Mode
  • Roll Lock Mode

Compatible with the free TILTA Assistant App (iOS only), you can wirelessly connect to the Gravity G2 via Bluetooth to calibrate the gimbal. 

Ideal in either a right or a left side position, depending on your setup and needs. This ambidextrous nature provides flexibility for placing your on-board monitor where you need it. 

NOTE: The G2 is compatible with your previous G1 rosette accessories.

Motor Rotation & Flexibility

The Gravity G2 Gimbal with auto-calibration features a full 360° rotation for your pan and tilt axes with a 60° rotation on roll to left and 60° rotation on roll to right. The G2 offers an 8 lb payload capacity on its precision CBC milled aluminum body.

You can operate in underslung or overslung. Remember that with longer lenses you may need to operate in an inverted mode that places the motor beneath the camera.


Gravity G2 delivers low power consumption from its (4) rechargeable 18650 batteries (not included). You can charge your batteries on the included 4-slot charger, but you won't need to do that often since the G2 Gravity can run up to 10 hours on batteries when fully charged.

You can power your optional accessories with a 14.8V DC output. There is also 5V miniUSB power from the Nucleus-Nano Motor. 

Add an optional power distribution box (LEMO and P-Tap) accessory by Tilta or a third-party manufacturer for more power possibilities.

Tilta Assistant Free App

Tilta Assistant offers a free app download to work with your Tilta 3-Axis system devices via Bluetooth. You can easily monitor status on your gimbal and obtain real-time information. The App permits you to change specifications wirelessly and is ideal for outdoor shooting. It also allows you to quickly reset the gimbal.

Includes a wireless timelapse function, remote control functions, and can help with firmware updates.

Although the Tilta Assistant App at publication of this product is iOS only, Tilta states that an Android version will be coming soon.

Number of Axes 3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
Rotation Range Yaw (Pan): 360°
Pitch (Tilt): 360°
Roll: 120°
Follow Speed Not Specified by Manufacturer
Load Capacity 8 lb / 3.63 kg
Ports 1 x Proprietary (14.8 VDC Power) Input
1 x USB Mini-B5 VDC  Output
Battery Type 4 x 18650
Capacity (mAh) 3000 mAh
Capacity (Wh) 11.1 Wh
Battery Runtime 10 Hours
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Voltage 3.7 VDC
Grip Material Brazilian Rosewood
Mounting 1 x Dovetail
1 x Cold Shoe Mount
Dimensions 19 x 11.5 x 9" / 48.26 x 29.21 x 22.86 cm
Weight 4.18 lb / 1.90 kg
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