Tilta Sony A7 Series Cage Kit 1

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Unibody Camera Cage / With Matte Box / With Follow Focus / With Dovetail Plate

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  • Unibody Camera Cage
  • Matte Box
  • Follow Focus
  • Dovetail Plate

Tilta Sony A7 Series Complete ES-T17-B Rig Kit

Complete Kit for Sony Alpha 7 Series Cameras. Includes Camera Cage, Matte Box, Follow Focus, and 10" Dovetail Plate.

Tilta's ES-T17 is an impressive and versatile camera rig for the professional shooter. It is the only form fitted cage compatible with all six versions of the Sony a7 full frame mirrorless camera. The cage is designed to fit around the hot shoe mount with easy access to the battery and side compartments. Among its many features include more than a hundred threaded hole mounts, a cold shoe mount and a 15-mm baseplate with an integrated lens adapter.

Aside from fitting all versions of the Sony a7 series, the ES-T17 can also be configured to work with the Movi, Ronin, shoulder rigs, drones, etc.

The bottom of the camera rig has an open section for the battery port. This makes it easy to remove the battery from the camera without removing the camera from the cage.

4X4 Lightweight Matte Box
Durable, rugged, and equipped with professional features, the Tilta 4x4 Lightweight Matte Box is the answer to taking your shooting setup to the next level. Have control over your images like never before, with the ability to block unwanted light spillage from hitting your lens. The two 4x4 filter holders allow you to use industry standard size filters, including polarizing and neutral density filters to further manipulate and perfect your image. For added creativity, you can use unique effect filters with the rotating filter holder—the flexibility is nearly limitless.

The matte box features a swing away design, making lens changes a breeze, and works with virtually any camera system with the included 15mm rod adaptor. Additionally, you get two lens adaptors (80mm, 95mm), “nuns knickers” fabric lens donut, to ensure complete rear coverage of your lens, and a top French Flag to block out excess light spill. 

Follow Focus With Hard Stops - 15mm
• Precision Machined, Anodized Aluminum -Contruction
• Hard Stops x 2
• Adjustable Tension Control
• Compatible with 15mm Rod Based Systems
• Includes 5 Gear Rings, 12" Whip and Crank Handle

10" Black Lightweight Dovetail Plate
TT-C16 is a 10" lightweight dovetail plate that mounts to your tripod and is made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel. This dovetail plate is compatible with our other Tilta 15mm baseplates such as the BlackMagic Cinema Camera Rig (ES-T07), Canon C300/C500 Rig (ES-T06), or the Sony FS700 Rig (ES-T05).

Unibody Camera Cage
Matte Box
Follow Focus
Dovetail Plate

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