Zendure Superbase 1000M

by Zendure
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

The smallest 1000Wh portable power station
1016Wh battery capacity, 1000W output
9 ports and less than 30dB low-noise fan

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  • Zendure Superbase 1000M

1000Wh Large Capacity: With a large capacity of 1016Wh and AC output of 1,000W, you can easily supply power to home appliances and charge small devices such as smartphones at the same time. It is a portable power supply that is very useful in various situations such as power outages, van-dwelling, and camping.

Dustproof Design: The exterior of the SuperBase 1000M is made of a strict aluminum alloy material and fanless structure, since it does not have an exhaust / intake port, it doesn't suck dust into the internal mechanism, so it is very suitable for outside use. Compact: Due to the excellent design of Super Base 1000M, it is smaller and lighter than other products in the same capacity range. It's easy to carry and fits comfortably in the car, giving you space to put what you need. It weighs only 8.3 kg and can be carried with one hand.

Lighting & Emergency Signal Mode: With a large lamp on the back of the SuperBase 1000M. That equipped with 36 LED bulbs, 4 levels of brightness and emergency signal mode. It's 10W LED lamp can be used like a flashlight. When fully charged, the built-in lamp can be used for up to a week. Convenient for your campsites without lights or meet a sudden.

Battery Type


Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)

325 x 190 x 140

Type of Charger

Solar cell, Power supply unit, Car connection


2 x PD 100W each 2 x PD 20W total Total 220W

Battery capacity (Wh) 1,016
AC Output (W)


Recharging Time (hours)


Built-in Adapter (W)


Input - Solar Charging


Input - Car Charging


Solar Input


Operating temperature °C (minimum)


Operating temperature °C (maximum)


App control


Weight (kg)


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