ZHIYUN Smooth X2 Black

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Let’s have fun with colors. SMOOTH-X2 catches your eyes not only with its stylish look but its capability. Creative bidirectional rotating to easy pack the gimbal quickly. A bunch of smart filming styles and fancy breathing light let you embrace natural contours to create a beautiful blend of Zen-like styles.
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Sadržaj pakiranja

  • Smooth-x2
  • Tripod
  • Usb Type-C Charging Cable
  • Storage Pouch

Key Features:

  • Compact structure and stylish look 
  • High quality body material for better hand feelling 
  • Built-in 10.2" extendable selfie stick 
  • Creative bidirectional rotating for easy storage 
  • Magnetic double-side fill light 
  • Smart follow, Timelapse, Slow motion shooting and more in ZY CAMI app 

An integration of an extendable selfie stick, a rotatable tripod and a double-side fill light! SMOOTH-X2 meets your every imagination on a versatile Vlogging setup. Robust motor makes strong compatibility. No balancing is needed.

Following Deviation in Static State Max: ± 0.04°
Min: ± 0.01°
Following Deviation in Motion State Max: ± 0.3°
Standard: ± 0.1°
Min: ± 0.05°
Tilt Mechanical Range -
Roll Mechanical Range 268°
Pan Mechanical Range 290°
Operation Voltage Max: 4.2v
Min: 3.4v
Operation Current Max: 5000mA
Min: 240mA
Charging Time 2h (lab data)
Size & Weight  
Product Size (W*D*H) 71*56*160mm
Net Weight ~300g/unit
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