Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle ROW Version

by Atomos
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • Extends the range of Bluetooth connected devices
  • The Ultrasync Blue converts long range RF to Bluetooth
  • 15m to over 200m and benefit from the out of range continuous SYNC feature
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  • Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle ROW Version For Ninja V and Ultrasync Blu

The Atomos AtomX Sync Blue Bundle ROW Version For Ninja V and Ultrasync Blu brings wireless timecode, sync and control technology to the Ninja V. It connects multiple Ninja Vs, cameras and audio recorders using reliable long range RF wireless technology patented by Timecode Systems.

At the same time it can also bring other devices into the synchronised system via Bluetooth. On iPhone and iPad this works with apps like Apogee’s MetaRecorder audio recorder, Mavis Pro camera and MovieSlate8 logging . It is also compatible with professional audio recorders like the Zoom F6 and F8n.

Continuous power your Ninja V
The AtomX SYNC module clips in-between the Ninja V and your battery using the AtomX expansion system. With a small battery inside it also acts as a hot swap continuous power battery extender, allowing you to keep your Ninja V running for approximately 5 minutes while you change the main battery.

Give your HDMI camera professional Sync
Use AtomX SYNC to bring your HDMI camera into a professional multi-camera production, then have all your footage instantly synchronized when you come to edit it - no more time wasted trying to align clips or running additional software. With the AtomX SYNC module you can guarantee your video and audio sources all match up perfectly every time.

Robust network technology
Using the same technology used on major motion pictures you can now connect multiple AtomX SYNC enabled Ninja V units to form a single network. Get frame accurate control of start/stop and timecode, all controlled from a master Ninja V at your fingertips.

One master - many slaves
Operating within the 200m+ RF network all AtomX SYNC units communicate directly with the master. When a device goes out of range it maintains time accurate clock for as long as possible using its internal processor. Once the unit comes back into range of the network it seamlessly re-joins it. This makes AtomX SYNC perfect for multi-cam large event, sports and venue coverage.

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