Autoscript 19" EVO-IPS prompt monitor only

Raspoloživost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

Size: 19" Teleprompter

Type: Teleprompter Accessory

Accessory Type: Teleprompter Monitors & Accessories

27.925,00 kn 22.340,00 kn

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Autoscript EVO-IPS19M 19" Standard-Bright IP-Only Prompt Monitor Only
Power Supply Unit
Autoscript Warranty

Class-leading Autoscript design and the flexibility of IP
The new EVO-IPS is a cost effective IP-only solution for progressive modern studios. The standard bright prompt monitor uses the super slim chassis of the more highly featured EVO-IP, with a depth of just 42mm and a lightweight design that makes the larger 19" monitor the natural choice. As the world's first IP only prompt monitor, the EVO-IPS offers a very simple and flexible workflow. It connects directly to WinPlus-IP or WinPlus-IPS software application via an IP network; displaying smooth scroll prompter video without the need for an additional scroll engine. One single Ethernet input is all that's required! The monitor is configured in WinPlus-IP(S), where users can control brightness, contrast, sharpness, image flip and the on-screen clock.

Autoscript EVO-IPS19M Features

  • IP-only teleprompter monitor, no scroll box required
  • Configured in the customer's choice of WinPlus-IP software application
  • No counterbalance needed for almost all camera/lens configurations, further reducing the weight
  • Clock display on-screen with NTP timecode input

Display Size:   19"

Aspect Ratio:   4:3

Brightness:   350 nits

Resolution:   1280 x 1024

Contrast Ratio:   1000:1

Script Inputs:   LAN only

Power Input:   4-pin XLR, 12VDC +/- 5%

Power Consumption:   30W Max

Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical):   170 deg. / 160 deg.

Dimensions:   468 x 399 x 42mm (18.43 x 15.71 x 1.65")

Weight:    Monitor Only: 4kg (8.82 lbs)

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