Bresser Mobile Solar Panel 21 Watt with USB

by Bresser
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Ultra-compact solar charger for smartphones and power banks; monocrystalline solar cells ensure fast and efficient charging of device batteries.

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  • Solar panel 21 Watt (1 piece)
  • Carabiner hook (2 pieces)
  • DC connection cable (1 piece)
  • Plug adapter (3 pieces)

Self-sufficient travel with the BRESSER solar charger

Whether camping, sailing, trekking or swimming at the nearest lake – anyone who enjoys being outdoors for long periods of time does not want to do without their smartphone, tablet, powerbank, etc. But one question quickly arises: where can I find the nearest power socket? After all, every battery runs out and our practical everyday helpers can't manage without electricity. With the ultra-compact BRESSER solar charger, you simply use the power of the sun to charge your devices. The environmentally friendly solar energy is free of charge – and you remain independent of the power grid!

Simply open it up, put it down and immediately produce green solar power

The handling is very simple: unfold the solar panel and align it as perpendicularly as possible to the sun. Then connect the device to be charged to the solar charger, either with a suitable USB cable (not included) or with the included DC connection cable. The charging process begins immediately.

Which devices can the solar panel charge?

The solar charger gets all devices with a USB power supply connection or the above-mentioned DC power plug connection up and running again in no time – e.g. smartphones, tablets, power banks, portable playstations, MP4 players, GPS devices and Bluetooth headphones. For charging large power stations, we recommend the more powerful BRESSER solar panels with at least 60 watts output power – see art. no. 3810050, 3810060, 3810070.

Universal charger with flexible connection options

One USB-A connection socket is available for powering your devices. There is also an additional universal connection socket for DC bar plugs with a diameter of 5.5/2.1 mm. A universal connection cable with a 5.5/2.1mm DC bar plug on both sides and a length of 2 metres, as well as 3 plug adapters (3.5/1.35mm, 5.5/2.5mm, 8.0/5.5/0.8mm) are included in the scope of delivery. The polarity of the connectors is as follows: Inner contact = positive (+), outer contact = negative (-).

How long does it take to charge a battery?

Most modern devices with built-in batteries indicate the current charging status of the battery on a display or status LEDs. The charging process is also automatically terminated by the internal charger of the smartphone or tablet, etc., as soon as the battery is full.

Nevertheless, it is helpful to know how long a full charge theoretically takes with an empty battery. This is the only way to choose the right solar panel model for the requirements of the devices you want to charge.

Here is a short calculation: Divide the capacity of the battery (mAh) by the charging current of the charger (mA) and multiply this by a factor of 75. This then gives you the approximate charging time in minutes that is required to fully charge the battery at 100% sunshine duration.
Example: A battery with a capacity of 3000mAh (3.0 Ah) and a charging current via 5 volt USB connection of 2400mA (2.4 amps). So 3000 : 2400 x 75 = 94 minutes. Dividing the result by 60 gives the charging time in hours: 1.6 hours.
This means that an average smartphone can be fully charged in just about 1.6 hours with a 21-watt solar panel.

Carabiner hook for attachment included

In order to attach the solar panel securely to an object and align it perfectly with the sun, 4 sturdy snap hooks are included in the scope of delivery. Simply connect them to the riveted ring eyelets of the solar panel and use them to hang the solar charger stably, e.g. on a tent loop, a fence or other suitable holding points. If you attach it to your backpack, you can even use the time during a hike for charging.

Innovative solar cell technology with high efficiency

Monocrystalline silicium cells ensure high efficiency and the fastest possible charging of the device batteries. This means maximum electricity yield per solar surface. As a result, you benefit from relatively high charging currents and short charging times with a compact design.

Easy transport

Thanks to the modern and flat design, you can easily fold the individual segments of the solar panel into a small bag and stow it in your luggage while saving space. Always ready for the next spontaneous use.

Robust, dust- and water-repellent materials

The durable Cordura fabric is extremely tear-resistant but still flexible. It protects the valuable solar panel from damage and provides the necessary stability during use. The solar panel is dust- and water-repellent, it withstands most weather conditions and is your ideal companion for almost all outdoor activities. Nevertheless, the solar panel should not be exposed to direct rain or extreme humidity.


  • The solar panel does not have an integrated charger or charge controller. Therefore, it is not suitable for directly charging loose battery cells or lead batteries. It is only suitable for smartphones, tablets and power banks, for example, because they always have built-in internal chargers.
  • The solar panel does not have its own battery, but serves exclusively as a power source in sunshine for charging electronic devices.
  • When connecting the devices to be charged via the DC bar plug, always ensure the required voltage and correct polarity. Otherwise, damage may occur to the electronics of the solar panel and the devices to be charged.
  • Do not leave the solar panel outdoors at night with high humidity or in the rain. This could damage the internal electronics.


  • Solar panel with output power of max. 21 watts
  • Solar panel for charging battery-powered devices
  • Suitable for smartphones, tablets and power banks etc.
  • Simply unfold, point towards the sun and the charging starts
  • Stay independent even without a 230-volt socket
  • Free electricity through solar energy
  • No emissions and zero noise
  • Connection via USB A and DC hollow plug with adapters
  • Monocrystalline silicium cells with high efficiency
  • Enables high charging currents and short charging times
  • Compact transport dimensions due to foldable design
  • Robust, dust- and water-repellent materials
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities


  • Output power of the solar panel: 21 watts
  • Output voltage at the DC socket: 18 volts
  • Output current at the DC socket: max. 1.1 amps
  • Output voltage at the USB A socket: 5 volts
  • Output current at the USB A socket: max. 2.4 amps
  • Cable length of the DC connection cable: 2.0 metres
  • DC plug adapters: 3.5/1.35mm, 5.5/2.5mm, 8.0/5.5/0.8mm
  • Polarity of DC connectors: inner contact = positive (+), outer contact = negative (-)
  • Transport dimensions when folded: 290 x 195 x 35 mm
  • Dimensions when unfolded: 815 x 290 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 1,0 kg

Capacity 0 mAh
Colour black
Material Nylon
Total length 290 mm
Total width 195 mm
Total height 35 mm
Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 1000 g
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