Futaba 14SGH 14-Channel 2.4 GHz Computer Radio System

by Gens Ace
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2.4 GHz FASSTest Modulation, Heli-Optimized: Smooth Throttle Gimbal, Fixed, Heli, and Glider Programming, Gyro, Motor, and Fuel Mixing
30 Model Memory with 10 Character Names, Memory Expandable with SD/SDHC Card, Programming Port and Earphone Jack

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The heli-optimized 14SGH 14-Channel 2.4 GHz Computer Radio System from Futaba is a transmitter (radio controller) that can be programmed to control a multitude of RC aircraft, including fixed-wind planes, helicopters and multi-rotors, and gilders. It can also be used with certain production equipment, such as video stabilizer gimbals, that have compatible receivers. The transmitter features 14-channels and supports receivers with the FASSTest, FASST, and S-FHSS protocols. The "H" in the model number indicates that the throttle gimbal is smooth rather than ratcheted, which is considered the preferred arrangement by many heli fliers.

The programmable computer is able to store settings for up to 30 models internally, and this memory can be expanded using an SD or SDHC card up to 32GB in capacity. To access the menu to change settings or view data from the aircraft (where supported) there is a 1.8 x 3" back-lit LCD screen. The transmitter is configured for Mode 2. Mode two is the most common in the U.S., however users in other countries may be accustomed to a different Mode. In Mode 2, roll and pitch are controlled with the pilot's right hand while yaw and throttle are controlled with the pilot's left hand.

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