Godox RFT-14 Pro grid reflector

by Godox
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

60° Beam Spread
For Strobe, LED, and Fluorescent Lights

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  • Godox RFT-14 Standard 7.1" Reflector with Bowens Mount

Designed for Godox monolights as well as flash heads from manufacturers that feature a Bowens mount, this RFT-14 Standard 7.1" Reflector has a 60° beam spread for distributing light generated by a compatible strobe, LED, or fluorescent light head. This aluminum reflector has a silver interior and accepts select grids, barndoors, and other reflector accessories. This reflector does not have a cutout for an umbrella shaft.

Item Type

7.1" Standard/General Purpose Reflector

Interior Color


Light Compatibility

Direct Attachment (Requires No Bracket/Speed Ring) with Bowens S Mount

Accepts Grids

Yes (Not Included)

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