Insta360 Ace/Ace Pro Quick Reader

by Insta360
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No Wi-Fi needed, simply plug and play for all of your storage needs. Directly connects to your smartphone, drastically reducing SD card read times for faster editing and file management. Compatible with iOS (Apple MFI certified) and Android devices.

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  • 1 x Insta360 Ace/Ace Pro Quick Reader    

Quick Reader

Access and edit your files even faster.

Simple, rapid transfer of files.

Fast, stable, efficient file transfer and management. Get dramatically faster reads of your footage for smoother editing on mobile.

No Wi-Fi needed, a workflow that saves time.

Connect the Quick Reader straight to your smartphone, with no need to use Wi-Fi, other devices, or even the camera. Save both power and time.

Expand your storage, plug and play.

Easily utilized as an external storage device when connected, the reader prioritizes its storage first, saving vital space on your camera.

Powerful and widely compatible.

Modern USB Type-C and Lightning dual-input design, supporting both iOS and Android devices.

Material: Polycarbonate, silicone
Weight: 14g 
Size: 29.2x29.2x23.6mm 
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