Insta360 Motorcycle Accessories Bundle

by Insta360
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All-new universal powerful clamp, securely fixing your camera to handlebars, bumpers, and more.
Flexible adhesive mount, fits perfectly on your helmet, fuel tank, or windshield, unlocking even more shooting angles.

60,00 € 48,00 €

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  • Heavy Duty Clamp Mount x1
  • Flexible Adhesive Mount (with 3M stickers) x2
  • Anti-slip Ring x8
  • Hex Wrench x1
  • 1/4" to 2-prong Adapter x2
  • 1/4" Camera Mount Adapter x1
  • Thumb Screw x3
  • Clamp Mount Wrench x1

Motorcycle Bundle

Your best rides, captured safely.

New heavy duty clamp, seriously sturdy

A powerful clamp that you can depend on, utilizing an all-new design with no ball joint for stabler shots.

Flexible adhesive mount for even more options

Designed for curved surfaces, guaranteed to stick.


Follow these instructions to use the Flexible Adhesive Mount: 

  1. Clean the base with a cleaning wipe before use. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and smooth.
  2. If the sticky base detaches from the surface, it cannot be reused.
  3. To ensure a strong hold, press and hold the product for 30 seconds after sticking to a surface.
  4. Wait at least 24 hours after sticking to use it with a product.
  5. If the 3-prong adapter becomes worn, apply the anti-slip ring for more security.
  6. This product cannot be used with any selfie sticks.
  7. The Heavy Duty Clamp Mount is compatible with objects ranging from 17mm to 37mm in diameter.

When attaching the Heavy Duty Clamp Mount to a smooth metal tube, it is recommended to use the included wrench to tighten it.

When installing a selfie stick on the Heavy Duty Clamp Mount, we recomend you use the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick, extended to ≤100cm.

Only connect the selfie stick using the 1/4" screw on the Heavy Duty Clamp Mount. Do not install other accessories and then add the selfie stick.

If mounting the camera directly to the Heavy Duty Clamp Mount, maximum speed should not exceed 80km/h on smooth roads, or 40km/h when going off-road. Only mount the selfie stick on the motorcycle when riding on smooth roads and ensure the mount is tightened with the included wrench before use.

Install the Flexible Adhesive Mount and Heavy Duty Clamp Mount according to the instructions in the manual. Insta360 will not be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs if setup does not match the instructions in the manual.

Weight (Heavy Duty Clamp Mount) 272g (9.6oz)
Dimensions (Heavy Duty Clamp Mount) 124x73x53mm (4.9x2.9x2.0in)
Weight (Flexible Adhesive Mount) 40g (1.4oz)
Dimensions (Flexible Adhesive Mount) 66.5x66.5x48mm (2.6x2.6x1.9in)
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