Leofoto LH-36+QP-70N Ball Head

by Leofoto
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • Ergonomic large main locking knob gives easy handling
  • Low height profile gives better reliability
  • Precisely machined ball makes the movement silky smooth
167,25 € 133,80 €

Leofoto Ball Head Family
Our professional ball heads are designed to support heavy loads and their ergonomic design facilitates smooth and efficient operation. Relative to the more traditional 3-axis pan and tilt heads, these heads are inherently easier to operate. Lacking a long panning handle, they fit easily into the average camera bag and take up less space. Aiming, levelling, and locking is accomplished by a simple twist of one control knob with minimal torque. Five head sizes, varying in load capacity and weight, have been designed to match the balance the specification requirements of Leofoto tripods.

LH-series Low Profile Ball Heads
We believe that your investment should be rewarded with years of satisfaction. The LH series offers up to 45 degrees of tilt in all directions, and up to 90-degrees in the two drop-notches. The knurled main lock knob independently controls the tension of the main ball joint. The midsize knurled knob features independent control of the panning base, which has laser-engraved degree markers every 2.5 degrees. The smaller spade knob always works in union with the main lock knob to set a minimum amount of resistance on the ball joint, independent of the main lock knob being fully loosened or not. The LH series delivers solid performance in all weather and temperature ranges and extensive field use has proven the effectiveness of our innovative design. Its low profile, precision control knobs, and rugged housing make the LH series the ball head of choice for both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

  • Ergonomic large main locking knob gives easy handling
  • Low height profile gives better reliability
  • Precisely machined ball makes the movement silky smooth
  • Dual drop notches allow you easily change from landscape mode to portrait mode or other angle shots.
  • Laser-engraved scales on the panning base, easily and precisely control during panorama shooting.

Leofoto: The best price-quality tripods
Leofoto is a brand by Zhongshan Laitu photographic Equipment Co. Ltd, based in Guangdong. The company was founded in 2014 and has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers in photographic equipment in China. The company supplies high-quality aluminium and carbon tripods, together with tripod accessories like ballheads, quick release clamps and L-plates, all for a very competitive price. Innovation and quality are Leofoto's pillars. The factories and test centers are equipped with motivated employees who use their experience and enthusiasm to transform Leofoto tripods and accessories into the best equipment you can get.


Weight:410 grams
Panning base diameter:52.0000
QR plate included:Yes
QR plate type:QP-70N
Ball diameter:36.0000 mm
Bubble level:Yes
Max carry weight:18.0000 kg
Head height:84.0000 mm

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