Leofoto LPC-6D-MKII-6DII L Plate for Canon MKII/ 6DII

by Leofoto
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For the professional Canon EOS 6D Mark II

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  • Leofoto LPC-6D-MKII-6DII L Plate for Canon MKII/ 6DII

Leofoto LPC-6DII L-plate for Canon EOS 6D Mark II

For the professional Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Leofoto has designed a robust L-plate that provides maximum support. The Leofoto LPC-6DII L-plate for the Canon EOS 6D II supports the entire bottom plate of the camera and, thanks to the thickening under the handle, provides extra protection against bumps when using the camera. The individual parts are all CNC-machined from a single piece of aluminium and anodised black for high durability.

Canon L-plate with Arca-Swiss coupling

Leofoto has the LPC-6DII provided with beveled edges over the entire length of the base plate and grooves in the L-plate. This makes this L-plate Arca-Swiss compatible with both horizontal and vertical use. The L-plate weighs 96 grams. Although this L-plate is light, it is still very strong. The base plate and the L-plate are connected by means of a robust hexagonal screw. You can change batteries when the L-plate is mounted under your Canon 6DII, because Leofoto has provided the L-plate with openings for access to the battery door and cable ports.

An L-plate for ease of use

An L-plate or L-bracket can maximize the stability and ease of use of your camera on a ballhead when changing from a horizontal (landscape) to a vertical (portrait) shooting position. Thanks to the L-plate, the optical axis of the lens is always positioned directly over the centre of the ball when shooting portraits, and the camera weight also presses directly on the central axis of the ballhead. The Arca-Swiss quick-release coupling also allows you to shift the camera on the ballhead for perfect positioning in relation to the subject. Leofoto supplies specially adapted L-plates for specific camera models, both for DSLR cameras and for compact system cameras and digital compact cameras. As soon as new cameras appear on the market, Leofoto designs a new L plate for that special camera model.

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