Leofoto Mr.O LO-324C Carbon Fiber Tripod

by Leofoto
Dostupnost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

The Leofoto LO-324C carbon tripod is part of the Mr.O tripod series

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Leofoto Mr.O LO-324C carbon tripod with leveling center column

The Leofoto LO-324C carbon tripod is part of the Mr.O tripod series. The tripods in this series are equipped with a leveling center column. The LO-324C has four leg sections and when the center column is fully extended, it reaches a maximum working height of 163cm (without tripod head). Because this professional carbon tripod can be used for all kinds of photography, no standard ball head is included. Any tripod head with UNC 3/8-inch screw hole can be mounted on this tripod. The LO-324C tripod comes with several useful accessories, including spikes, a multitool and a short center column.

Platform with ball - flexibility optimized

A specific feature of a carbon tripod from the Mr.O series is the platform (the spider) with built-in ball. You simply slide the center column with anti-twist groove through the center of the ball. Thanks to the ball you can not only set the desired height but also the angle. After setting you make sure with the practical lever that it remains in position. The center column can also be flipped, which is nice to be able to work low to the ground. The 10-layer woven carbon makes the LO-324C tripod strong, while remaining light in weight at only 1.65 kilograms. Despite its light weight, it has a carrying capacity of 15 kilograms. This also makes the tripod suitable for carrying cameras with long lenses.

Features of the Leofoto tripod

You can adjust the height of the legs by using the intuitive TwistLock system. This allows you to loosen and tighten a leg section of the tripod in an instant. The rubber turning handles also make it possible to operate the legs with gloves on. You can also adjust the tilt angle of the carbon tripod legs in three angles: 23°, 55° and 85°. At the greatest tilt angle, the tripod legs lie almost flat on the ground. This allows you to reach the minimum working height of the tripod. In addition, the tripod is equipped with rubber feet, which prevent the legs from sliding on a slippery surface. The feet can be exchanged with the supplied spikes. The spikes give more grip on soft surfaces. On the side of the tripod platform is a 3/8-inch and ¼-inch thread to expand the tripod with a magic arm or other accessory.

Leg Segments 4
Leg Angles 3
Included Options
Max Weight (kg) 15
Head Included no
Fold Height (mm) 515
Max Height (mm) 1630
Max Height No Midcolumn (mm) 1330
Min Height (mm) 100
Own weight tripod (g) 1650
Manufacturer Leofoto
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