Nanlux Lantern Softbox 120cm (NLM mount)

by Nanlux
Dostupnost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

Početak isporuke rujan 2021

365,00 € 292,00 €

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • Lantern Softbox 
  • Bag
  • Weight x2

The 120cm lantern softbox by Nanlux with NLM mount has a translucent white fabric and is an excellent choice for illuminating entire rooms with a soft and uniform light free of shadows. 360 ° lighting creates a soft and natural light effect and is excellent for accentuating the skin tone on portraits.


  • Excellent for omnidirectional lighting for a medium-small size room
  • High temperature resistant fabric
  • Assembles and disassembles in a short time with transport bag included
  • NLM Mount
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