PolarPro DJI Mavic Leg Ext. Landing Gear

by PolarPro
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Adds an additional 1.5-inches of ground clearance, Helps protect the gimbal and camera from dirt/debris, Widens stance making the Mavic more stable, Securely presses onto the Mavic legs for easy installation/removal

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  • 1x Polar Pro DJI Mavic Landing Gear

The PolarPro Mavic Landing Gear provides a more stable, wider stance for your Mavic. They quickly and securely press onto the legs for easy installation and removal. The Landing Gear raises the Mavic up 1.5-inches keeping the camera and gimbal further away from dust, dirt, and sand. The Landing Gear keeps the Mavic stable during uneven or rough take-offs and landings. Constructed out of glass filled nylon, the legs are very durable and rigid, and our lifetime guarantee ensures they will last.

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