PolarPro Inspire 1 3-Pack (PL, ND8, ND16)

by PolarPro
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  • Polar Pro Inspire 1 3-Pack (PL, ND8, ND16)


The PolarPro filter 3-pack for the DJI Inspire 1 and Osmo camera is an outstanding set for capturing epic aerial videos. Included are our three most popular filters for aerial imaging; the Circular Polarizer (CP), 3-Stop Neutral Density (ND8) and 4-Stop Neutral Density (ND16). Each filter is carefully designed to be ultra-light for use with the Inspire 1/Osmo gimbal. The lightweight construction ensures the gimbal will operate smoothly. Our Inspire 1/Osmo filters are made with HD glass ensuring your videos and images will have beautiful razor-sharp clarity.

Included Filters:

  • Circular Polarizer Filter
  • 3-Stop Neutral Density Filter
  • 4-Stop Neutral Density Filter
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