Proaim 12ft Carbon Fiber Boom, 20ft Long XLR Cable

by Proaim
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PROAIM™ Introduces the new Carbon fiber boom pole for Processional Action recording. - this audio unit incorporates a direct XLR connection to the boom pole. This New BP12 C carbon-fiber boom poles: came with three sections.

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  •  12ft Carbon Fiber Boom Pole
  •  20ft Long XLR Cable
  •  Travelling Bag

PROAIM™ introduces its professional & precision balanced boom pole for location recordings. It is 12ft long boom pole constructed from carbon fibre that keeps the boom pole robust yet light enough to hold comfortably during long recordings. It is so designed that it can be smoothly & quickly expanded or contracted from 3ft to 12ft. It has soft padded hand grips that provide comfort and also isolates noise when holding the boom pole. This audio unit incorporates a direct XLR connection to the boom pole. It is internally wired that eliminates the hassle of messy cables or the need for extra connections. Our new version of Carbon fiber boom pole comes with 3/8”-16 screw on the first end of the pole to attach microphone blimps.

Construction : Carbon Fibre
Length of the Pole -12ft
Diameter of the Boom Pole - 29mm
Color of Boom Pole - Grayish Black
Length when collapsed - 3.6ft
Size of each section of the Pole -3ft

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