Saramonic SR-BH700 Professional Wired Headphones

by Saramonic
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Professional Wired Headphones for Monitoring.

175,00 € 140,00 €

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  • SR-BH700 Headphones
  •  3.5mm Locking-Type Coiled Audio Cable (3.3 to 9.8')
  •  3.5mm Locking-Type HiFi Audio Cable (3.9')
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm ( 1/4"')Screw-On Audio Adapter
  • A Pair of Protein Leather Earpads

The Saramonic SR-BH700 are professional over-ear headphones for accurate audio monitoring.High-resolution sonic performance allows the creative intention to be revealed in the detailed sound.High-fidelity audio output reproduces each sound element exactly as it is.These realize natural and rich sound reproduction without coloring, making SR-BH700 ideal for mixing and music production.Featuring 300mW maximum input power, the SR-BH700 is better compatible with high-power equipment and excels in studio recording, audio editing and other scenarios.

Driver Diameter φ50mm
Frequency Response 20Hz-28kHz
Sensitivity 98dB/mW
lmpedance 32ohms
Maximum Input Power 300mw
HiFi Audio Cable  
Shield Heat-resistant Teflon shield
Material Monocrystalline copper
Dimensions Eight 16-core silver-plated copper braided wire
Cable Length 1.2m (3.9')
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