Saramonic SR-HM7-WS2 Foam Windscreen for SR-HM7(2 packs)

by Saramonic
Dostupnost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • For All SR-HM7 Microphone Models
  • Reduces Vocal Plosives
  • Reduces Wind Noise
  • Protects Mic from Moisture and Dirt
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  • Saramonic SR-HM7-WS2 Fitted Foam Windscreen for SR-HM7 Microphone (Set of 2)

The Saramonic SR-HM7-WS2 is a set of two fitted foam windscreens designed specifically for the Saramonic SR-HM7, SR-HM7 DI, and SR-HM7 UC handheld microphones. The windscreen shape makes it compatible with most ball-shaped mic heads up to 1.65" in diameter, allowing you to use it with many other handheld mics. Use these windscreens to attenuate vocal plosives, reduce wind noise, and protect the mic's diaphragm from moisture, dust, and dirt, all with minimal loss of high frequencies to avoid compromising vocal clarity. The windscreens attach easily, and maintain grip for trouble-free use.

Specially Designed for Saramonic Mics

  • Designed to fit Saramonic SR-HM7, SR-HM7 DI, and SR-HM7 UC handheld microphones
  • Works with handheld microphones with heads up to 1.65" (42mm) in diameter

Compatible with These Mics and More

  • AKG: C5, C535 EB, C900, CK4, D5, D7, D40, D50, D60, D80, D90, D95, D125, D130, D190, D200, D310, D321, D330, D590, D770, D880, D3700, D3800, D5900, HT45, HT450, P4, P5, P35, and T28
  • Audio-Technica: AE3300, AE4100, AE5400, AE6100, ATM23, ATM25, ATM29, ATM31, ATM41, ATM61, ATM91, ATM410, ATM710, AT-801, AT-802, AT-813, AT-814, ATR2100, MB 1k, MB 3k, MB1000, MB2000, Pro 1a, Pro 2ax, Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5, and Pro 10
  • Audix: OM1, OM2, OM3xb, OM5, OM6, OM7, and VX10
  • Beyer: MCE 81, Opus 69, M01, M 59, M 69, M 260, M 300, M 400, M 500, BM85, EM85, TG-X 20, TG-X 40, TG-X 48, TG-X 58, TG-X 60, TG-X 80, and TG V70d
  • Blue: enCore 100, enCore 100i, enCore 200, and enCore 300
  • CAD: D189 and 22A
  • Electro-Voice: Co5, Co7, Co9, Co11, ND76, N/D247, N/D257, N/D267, N/D357, N/D367, N/D457, N/D757, N/D767, DS35, PL50, PL60, PL70, PL77, PL80, RE11, RE16, RE18, RE50, RE510, MT200, MC100, MC150, and MC300
  • Heil Sound: PR 20, PR 22, and PR 35
  • Peavey: Celebrity, PAA2500, PVM22, PVM46, PVM835, PVM880, PV, and PVi
  • Nady: SP-1, SP-3, SP-4, SP-5, SP-9, SP-10, WHT-14, WHT-15, and UH-10
  • Neumann: KK 105, KMS 105, KMS 140, and KMS 150
  • Samson: R11 and R21
  • Sennheiser: K6-ME65, e 815, e 825, e 835, e 840, e 845, e 855, e 865, e 935, e 945, ew 335, MD 21, MD 200, MD 400, MD 416, MD 427, MD 429, MD 511, MD 512, MD 515, MD 516, MD 735, MD 736, MKE 44, SKM 100, SKM 300, SKM 500, SKM 535, SKM 565, SKM 3072, SKM 5000, SKM 5200, and SKP 30
  • Shure: ADX2/B58, Beta87, PG48, PG58, KSM9, SM48, SM53, SM54, SM58, SM86, SM87, SM96, 587, 587SB, PE15, PE75, PE85, PE86, BG3.0, and VP88
  • Telefunken: M80 and M81
  • Telex: HT-700, SH-100, FMR-150, FMR-450, EN6100, H12E, and VR12E
Saramonic SR-HM7-WS2 Specs
Construction Material
Interior Dimensions Interior Diameter: 1.2 x 1.7" / 3.0 x 4.2 cm
Interior Depth: 3" / 7.7 cm
Exterior Dimensions Length: 3.5" / 9 cm
  Width: 2.7" / 6.8 cm
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.07 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.9 x 4.65 x 2.95"
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