Sennheiser AC 3200-II

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Active 8-channel antenna combiner for large, wireless monitor systems. Up to eight inputs, up to 100mW per channel, for transmission via single antenna. Avoids bothersome intermodulation; quick overview via LED strip.
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  • 1 AC 3200-II active transmitter combiner
  • 1 NT12-125D in-line power supply
  • 3 power cables (US/EU/UK)
  • 4 self-adhesive device feet
  • 1 instruction manual

The AC 3200 is an active, high-power 8:1 antenna combiner for large multi-channel wireless monitoring systems. the AC3200-II combines up to eight channels for transmission via one antenna, with a broadband design covering 500 - 870 MHz. It significantly reduces intermodulation of wireless monitoring transmitters while keeping backstage clutter to a minimum. Long distances can be covered reliably as the AC 3200 accepts up to 250 mW of input power.


  • Active 8-channel 0 dB transmitter combiner with highly constant RF output power over the entire frequency range

  • Significant improvement of RF performance for multi-channel systems

  • Broadband RF design to cover the UHF frequency range from 500-870 MHz

  • Maximum input power of 250 mW

  • LEDs on the front show whether a signal is present at the RF input

  • Compatible with SR 2050XP IEM, SR 2000XP IEM, SR 300 IEM G3, and legacy EW and 3000 Series monitor transmitters

    50 ohms 
    Attenuation 0 dB (+/- 1dB) 
    RF frequency range 500 – 870 MHz 
    Power supply 12 V DC 
    Antenna connector max. 7.5 A 
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