SmallRig 15mm LWS Support 3652

by SmallRig
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

A wide range of height adjustment
Anti-twist design, available to be placed horizontally

375,00 kn 300,00 kn

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  • 1 x 15mm LWS Support


  • 1 x Allen Wrench

SmallRig 15mm LWS Support 3652, an universal accessory for Star-Trail, Revo-Arcane, and series of mini matte boxes(3196,3680), is designed to fix matte box and protect lens mount. It comes with an anti-twist design and one 1/4 "-20 screw to fix matte box to a rail support system.

It is 20.4mm vertically adjustable, compatible with Φ52/Φ55/Φ58/Φ62/Φ67/Φ72/Φ77/Φ80/Φ82/Φ85/Φ86/Φ95mm DSLR or cine lens. Its bottom features a horizontal support that prevents tilts.


  • Dual Φ15mm rod;
  • Compatible with Star-Trail (95mm) and Revo-Arcane (114mm) series matte box
  • Compatible with mini matte box (ID: 3196, 3680)
Product Dimensions:  79 x 35.5 x 29.4 mm
Package Dimensions:  121×104×44 mm
Product Weight:  85g±5g
Package Weight:  130g±5g
Material(s):  Aluminum Alloy
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