Sommer Cable Optical fiber SC-Octopus-G; 2 x 9/125 µm OS2; LSZH; yellow

by Sommer Cable
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Optical fiber SC-Octopus-G; 2 x 9/125 µm OS2; LSZH; orange.

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or to be more precise, you will be able to reach the simple speed of light with our SC-Octopus-G LWL cable. The superfine single-mode/monomode fibre with 9/125 μm is ideal for greater running lengths, especially for permanent installation. Data rates of 50 Gbit/s can be transmitted here without the need for a repeater. The light coupling and fibre connection is more delicate than with the multimode fibre, which is why the multimode standard is more frequently used for mobile applications.

The Breakout LWL lines can be used for indoor floor applications and rack cabling.


  • Digital signal transmission over long distances
  • Compact, lightweight, robust and metal free
  • Die-electrical glass fibre armouring (rodent protection)


  • High-quality, fast connection for the transmission of digital signals
  • Powerful data network installation in complex buildings (e.g. from office buildings to airport facilities)
  • Indoor and outdoor transmissions with long transmission lengths
Name SC-Octopus-G
Application area Installation
Application area Studio / Broadcast
Application area Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application Optical fiber
Colour orange
Colour detailed orange
Construction I-V(ZN)HH
Jacket material LSZH
Weight per 1 m [g] 28
Style variant round
Core (fiber) [µm] 9
Cladding (fiber) [µm] 125
Fibres 2
Quality OS2
Temperature min. [°C] -20
Temperature max. [°C] 60
Max. tensile force [kN] 0,4
Width [mm] 3,9
Height [mm] 6,8
EAN 4049371051361
Old article number 590-0721-02
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