DJI Inspire 1 Part13 180W Power Adaptor (without AC cable)

by DJI
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35 minutes to charge TB47 Battery with 90% capacity, 58 minutes to fully charge., 45 minutes to charge TB48 Battery with 90% capacity, 68 minutes to fully charge.

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  • 1x Power Adaptor

The Rapid Charge Power Adapter is made specifically for DJI Inspire 1. 
This is compatible with the Inspire 1 Remote and TB48/TB47 Intelligent Battery. 
It only takes 35 minutes to charge TB47 Intelligent Battery with 90% capacity, while takes 58 minutes to fully charge it. 
It only takes 45 minutes to charge TB48 Intelligent Battery with 90% capacity, while takes 68 minutes to fully charge it.

Model: ADE018
Iutput Voltage:  100-240V; 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 26.1V
Output Current: 6.9A
Rated Power: 180W
Application Environment:  indoor use only at 0-40° C
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