Dynacore D-LFS200T Led Fresnel Light

Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana

Strong light output, 8500lux@1m;Adopted CREE LED bulbs are with high CRI

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  • Dynacore D-LFS200T Led Fresnel Light

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D-LFS200T LED Fresnel Spotlight

3 layers of aspheric lens optical system, high light efficiency, continuous adjustable light evenly;High-speed CPU control, to ensure efficient and accurate operation;Up to 21000Hz Refresh frequency to ensure fliker free for high definition cameras; DMX512 protocal management allows flexible dimming pattern, such as single, master-slave or system dimming; Strong light output, 8500lux@1m;Adopted CREE LED bulbs are with high CRI, guarantee long operating life, even & long lasting light effect, high reducibility and precise color temperature;Efficient heat pipe technology, natural cooling, no noise, stable performance; LED lights, high efficiency and energy saving, more environmental protection; The built-in power, more stable performance, use more convenient.

This series of high-definition fresnel spotlight apply to all types of television studios, Interview lighting, films lighting and television shows, theaters, large arena,museum sports stadium, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting and all kinds of largescale performances.

D-LFS series Control Board

D-LFS series 3 layers of aspheric lens optical system

D-LFS series DC 24V Input Connector

Dynacore D-4BS/A extender supply power to D-LFS series LED Fresnel Spot Light through 24V output

D-LFS series  Tungsten light high-definition digital fresnel spotlight corresponds to the distance of illumination

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