DZOFILM KOOP Filter for Vespid/ Catta Ace PL mount--Standard Set

by DZOFilm
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Koop Detachable/Magnetic Rear Filter Set, For Vespid & Catta Ace Zoom Lenses, UV, ND4, ND8 & ND16 Magnetic Filters, Reduces Dust, Moisture, Scratches

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  • DZOFilm Koop Rear Filter Kit for Vespid / Catta Ace PL-Mount Lenses (Standard Set)
  • Magnetic L365 UV Filter
  • Magnetic ND4
  • Magnetic ND8
  • Magnetic ND16
  • Magnetic Adapter Ring Base
  • Shim Set
  • Wrench

Add filters to protect the rear element of your Vespid and Catta Ace PL-mount zoom lenses with this Koop Rear Filter Kit from DZOFilm. This Standard set of filters includes a magnetic L365 UV filter, a magnetic ND4 filter, a magnetic ND8 filter, a magnetic ND16 filter, a magnetic adapter ring base, a wrench, and a shim set.

These detachable filters mount onto the rear element of the zoom lens and provide protection from dust, moisture, and scratching thanks to its nano multi-coating. The ND filters provide various light-reducing effects to work in any lighting environment, and the UV filter protects the sensor from harmful UV rays. They attach to the rear of the lens using the magnetic adapter ring, allowing them to be easily installed and removed.


  • DZOFilm Vespid and Catta Ace PL-mount zoom lenses
Filter Type Rear Element Filter
Filter Effects L365 UV Filter
ND4 Filter
ND8 Filter
ND16 Filter
Mounting Method Magnet
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