Hollyland Base station for Solidcom C1

Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • 1000ft working range
    ● Support A/B Groupin
    ● 3 sets cascading
14.875,00 kn 11.900,00 kn

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Base Station helps to work as two groups. Solidcom C1-8S provides a 9-person system as the hub supports the talk function. Solidcom C1 base station can provide the same coverage if you prefer not to use the master headset configuration. The battery-powered Solidcom C1 Base Station also offers additional functions, such as the cascaded connection of up to three systems, A/B grouping, and a one-key mute, UAC function(Cloud calling), and announce function to communicate instantly with all headsets.

Solidcom C1 Base Station supports NP-F Battery, V-Mount battery and 12 VDC adapter to charge. The Solidcom C1 Base Station base creates a reliable wireless communication radius up to 1000ft. So your team can keep connected and move freely at a major event, filming site, or mass area operation.


Keep Talking On-The-Go with AB Grouping

The HUB base can keep the team connected on the go as it is battery-powered, offering a 350m transmission range and two communication channels for the team.

Multiple Ways to Charge Up the HUB Base
The Solidcom C1 HUB base features three bays, allowing multiple battery power supplies from two NP-F batteries and/or one V-Mount or G-Mount (by your package choice) battery.
Note: The Solidcom C1 package does not include batteries for the HUB base.

Up to 3 Systems Cascade Connection
The Solidcom C1 HUB base can interconnect with up to 3 systems via IP network, 2-wire, or 4-wire audio input-output interface to meet more complex real-life operational requirements.

An “ANNOUNCE” for Urgency

The HUB station is designed with a one-key “ANNOUNCE” function. By activating the feature, the system will mute all headsets, allowing the whole crew to hear the direct instructions or commands from the HUB base in case of an emergency.

UAC Function

The Hub station can be connected to the computer or PC for the online meetings or live-streaming. The call status Monitoring Function will come out soon in the next round;

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