Insta360 GO 3S Standard Edition Midnight Black 128GB

by Insta360
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Small camera, huge potential - Insta360 GO 3S Standard Edition Midnight Black 128GB.

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  • Standard Bundle includes 1x GO 3S (128GB)
  • 1x Lens Guard (pre-installed on the lens by default)
  • 1x Action Pod
  • 1x Magnet Pendant
  • 1x Pivot Stand
  • 1x Easy Clip

Why choose GO 3S?

Small & Lightweight

Tiny camera, huge potential. Take it everywhere, mount it anywhere.

4K Hands-Free POVs

Go completely hands-free. Easy, ultra-wide POV shots in stunning 4K.

Mount Anywhere

Magnetic mounting system and included accessories enable endless creative angles.

Multifunctional Action Pod

Charges GO 3S and provides remote control and live preview on a huge flip touchscreen.

FlowState Stabilization

Guaranteed steady shots with gimbal-like stabilization and Horizon Lock.

Rugged & Waterproof

Camera is waterproof to 33ft (10m) with a replaceable lens guard. Action Pod is IPX4 splashproof.

Apple Find My Compatible

Easily relocate your GO 3S with the Apple Find My network. 

Interval Video & AI Editing

Interval Video automatically films clips throughout your day, Auto Editing edits the highlights together to music, you stay in the moment.


Small camera, huge potential.

Powerful 4K in a tiny body means a whole lot of creativity!

Mount it anywhere, take it everywhere.


Sharper, clearer, crisper.

Powered by an enhanced chip with 50% more CPU computing power and a new wide-angle lens, GO 3S now shoots in stunning 4K. It offers nearly double the amount of pixels compared to 2.7K to capture every moment of life in sharp, clear detail.


Sharp and true from edge to edge.

Less distortion and straighter, cleaner edges. The new wide-angle MegaView FOV keeps everything looking picture-perfect and exactly as you saw it.


A truly no-hands camera.

Go completely hands-free and live in the moment! Set it and forget about it for easy, ultra-wide POV shots.


Switch aspect ratio in seconds.
Give GO 3S a twist and voilà! It really is that easy to change from horizontal to vertical shooting.

*Aspect ratio cannot be changed during a recording.


Limited only by your mind.

A tiny cam means easy mounting! With its magnetic design and three included accessories, you can film endless creative possibilities, with angles no other camera can handle. Think pets, helmets, or a fly-on-the-wall shot!

Easy to shoot.


Mount up the camera or Action Pod.

The camera and Action Pod both fit the same Pivot Stand and Quick Release Mount, with a latch and magnet to secure them in place.


More storage? 

Easier transfer? 

Yes please.

Free up your camera's memory then keep on shooting! Plug in the camera to transfer files to a microSD card or edit directly on your phone. A faster, smoother way to film and edit.


Live every moment, no distractions.

Family trips, bike rides, a day in the life of your pet? Automatically capture moments throughout your day or activity, then Auto Edit combines the highlights into one epic video, on beat to music.


Show off your stats.

Overlay stats like GPS, speed, and more from your Garmin device or Apple Watch. Get data-rich videos when you export thanks to our dedicated integration.


Tap and play.

Snap a fresh video clip with your GO 3S—like magic, a notification zips straight to your phone, ready to preview and edit instantly.

*Only available on iOS.


Let AI do the work.

Auto Editing finds the highlights and edits them together on beat to music. You just choose your clips and put your feet up. It's definitely not cheating...


One shot, any perspective.

Not sure where you'll share your shot? Or maybe you're posting on multiple platforms? Simply shoot in FreeFrame mode and you can choose your aspect ratio after recording!

Video Resolution Video
  4K: 3840x2160@24/25/30fps
  2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps, 2752x1530@50fps
  1080p: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps
  FreeFrame Video
  4K: 3840x2880@24/25/30fps
  2.7K: 2720x2040@24/25/30/50fps
  1080p: 1920x1440@24/25/30/50fps
  4K: 4000x3000@30fps (Export using Insta360 Studio for optimal quality.)
  4K: 4000x3000@30fps (Export using Insta360 Studio for optimal quality.)
  2.7K: 2720x2040@30fps
  Slow Motion
  2.7K: 2720x1530@100fps
  1080p: 1920x1080@120/200fps
  4K: 3840x2160@24/25/30fps
  2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps, 2752x1530@50fps
  1080p: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps
  Loop Recording
  4K: 3840x2160@24/25/30fps
  2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps, 2752x1530@50fps
  1080p: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps
Photo Resolution 4000x2250 (16:9)
  2880×2880 (1:1)
  3968x1472 (2.7:1)
  4000x3000 (4:3)
Video Modes Video, FreeFrame Video, Timelapse, TimeShift, Slow Motion, Pre-Recording, Loop Recording, Interval Video
Max. Video Bitrate 120Mbps
Weight GO 3S: 39.1g (1.38oz)
  Action Pod: 96.3g (3.40oz)
Battery Capacity GO 3S: 310mAh
  Action Pod: 1270mAh
Charging Time GO 3S: 80% in 23 mins | 100% in 35 mins
  Action Pod: 80% in 47 mins | 100% in 65 mins
Run Time GO 3S: 38 mins
  GO 3S + Action Pod: 140 mins
  *Tested in 77°F (25°C) lab conditions at 1080p@30fps Video Mode, screen and Wi-Fi off. Run time may vary in different conditions.
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