Insta360 Third-Person Backpack Mount

by Insta360
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Attaches to Backpack
Carbon Fiber Pole
Capture 360° Third-Person Shots
360° Ball Head
Lightweight Construction

79,00 €/595,23kn 63,20 €/476,18kn
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  • Insta360 Third-Person Backpack Mount
  • Backpack Mount Frame
  • 2 x Backpack Strap
  • 2 x Waist Strap
  • Carbon Fiber Pole

Insta360 Third-Person Backpack Mount

The Insta360 Third-Person Backpack Mount Bundle includes all the tools you need to mount your compatible Insta360 action camera onto the straps of your backpack and capture 360° third-person shots hands-free. A carbon fiber pole secures to the 360° ball head for ultrasmooth footage. The combination of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, and nylon materials creates a lightweight rig to increase your ability to shoot for longer.

Camera Compatibility: Insta360 ONE
  Insta360 ONE X, ONE X2
  Insta360 ONE R, ONE RS
Materials: Alluminimu alloy
  Carbon Fiber
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