Laowa Ranger S35 Interchangeable bayonet for 17-50mm & 50-130mm lens - Canon EF

by Laowa
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Expand the compatibility of your Laowa Ranger S35 or S35 Lite 17-50mm and 50-130mm zooms using this Laowa Interchangeable Mount from Venus Optics. 

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  • Venus Optics Interchangeable Mount for Laowa Ranger S35 17-50mm & 50-130mm Zooms (Canon EF)

This Canon EF mount bayonet is designed to be swapped out with the original ARRI PL mount on your Ranger S35 or Ranger S35 Lite lens.

Lens Compatibility Venus Optics
  Laowa Ranger S35 17 to 50mm
  Laowa Ranger S35 Lite 17 to 50mm
  Laowa Ranger S35 50 to 130mm
  Laowa Ranger S35 Lite 50 to 130mm
Camera Mount Canon EF
Electronic Communication No
Included Shims Yes
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