Nikon SB-700 Af TTL Speedlight

by Nikon
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Guide Number: 92' at ISO 100 and 35mm, Zoom Range: 24-120mm (12mm with Panel), Tilts from -7° to 90°, Rotates Left & Right 180°, Commander Mode for Wireless TTL Control, Strobe Mode and 3 Illumination Patterns, Recycle Time: 2.5-3.5 Seconds, Runs on 4 AA Batteries

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  • Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight
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  • SS-700 Soft Case for SB-700 Speedlight Shoe Mount Flash

With a rated guide number of 92' at ISO 100 and 35mm, the SB-700 AF Speedlight from Nikon is a moderately compact flash unit packed with features for high-performance on-camera lighting capabilities. The flash is compatible with the i-TTL system for automatic metering with both FX- and DX-format cameras and is optimized for use with Nikon's Creative Lighting System for complete control over your lighting setup. Additionally, the auto zoom head has a coverage range of 24-120mm with FX-format cameras which can be extended down to 12mm with the use of the built-in wide-angle diffusion panel.

Complete bounce and swivel functionality is available for working in a variety of shooting situations. This allows users to tilt down to -7° and up to 90° as well as rotate left or right 180° for complete 360° coverage. Also, the SB-700 has three different illumination patterns, standard, even, and center-weighted, which help shape the light output for your specific needs. For wireless master TTL functionality, the speedlight utilizes a Commander Mode. In this mode users can access Advanced Wireless Lighting settings for controlling multiple off-camera flashes that can be set up in two groups (A, B) and one of four channels. The SB-700 also has a quick wireless control A:B ratio setting for quickly setting up and controlling multiple remote flashes.

Many other abilities are packed into this unit, including a stroboscopic repeating flash mode that can be set from 1-100 Hz. The SB-700 also has slow, Auto FP high-speed, first, and second curtain sync modes for achieving the desired creative look in your image. There are even red-eye reduction and red-eye reduction slow sync settings available. The flash itself is mounted to the camera or stand via a locking hot shoe and is powered by four AA batteries. And, depending on the type of battery used and the power setting, users can expect a recycle time of 2.5-3.5 seconds.

Included with the SB-700 AF Speedlight are a variety of useful tools and accessories. First, built into the flash alongside the wide-angle diffusion panel is a white slide-out bounce card for bouncing some light directly to the subject and creating catch lights. Also, there is a diffusion dome for softening the output of the flash and fluorescent and incandescent color correction filters for balancing the flash to ambient light. All of this, along with a stand, is packaged in the SS-700 Soft Case, designed specifically for the flash and accessories.



Guide No.

92'; (28.04 m) ISO100 at 35 mm Position

Exposure Control

Manual, i-TTL

Angle of Coverage

60° - 18° Vertical

78° - 25° Horizontal

Wide-Angle Adapter: 120° - 100° Vertical

Wide-Angle Adapter: 130° - 110° Horizontal


1/1 - 1/128

Bounce Head

-7 to +90°

Swivel Head



12 - 120 mm (Full Frame)

Distance Range

2 to 66'; (0.61 to 20.12 m)

Zoom Head

Full Frame: 24 - 120 mm

Off-Camera Terminal


Recycle Time

Approximately 2.5 - 3.5 Seconds

Flash Duration

1/1042 - 1/40000 sec


-3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)

Wireless Operation

Method: Optical pulse

Distance: Up to 32.81'; / 10 m

Mode: Commander, Slave

Wireless Communication Channels

4 Channels

Wireless Groups

2 Groups

Power Source

4x AA Alkaline, Lithium, Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

Dimensions (W x H x D)

2.8 x 5.0 x 4.1" / 71.0 x 126.0 x 104.5 mm


12.7 oz / 360 g without batteries

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