Proaim 10ft Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane

by Proaim
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

Maximum load capacity 25kg/55lbs, Minimum load capacity 15kg/33lbs, Tripod mount of 100mm diamete, Camera Mount Bowl accepts 100mm and 75mm head (with ring)

7.050,00 kn 5.640,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  •  Proaim 10’ Wave-2 Plus Camera Jib Arm
  •  75mm Bowl adapter 
  •  Assembly Hub
  •  Storage Bag

PROAIM welcomes you to the new and modernized era with its Proaim 10' Wave-2 Plus Video Jib Crane, a portable filming solution to increase your production value. The Robust jib crane is specifically designed travel crane for indoor & outdoor video productions. Its telescopic arm feature adds flexibility to frame perfect shots in indoor and outdoor spaces. Now you can create the visual effects and produce incredibly smooth floating camera crane shots that add value to your filming productions and bring a quick return on your investment.

Maximum load capacity 25kg/55lbs
Minimum load capacity 15kg/33lbs
Tripod mount of 100mm diameter
Camera Mount Bowl accepts 100mm and 75mm head (with ring)
Pan Radius :360 Degrees
Pan Lock: Yes (via pan friction knobs on U-Hub)
Tilt Lock: Yes (via adjusting the camera head plate knob and ratchet knobs on jib arm)

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