Tokina 50mm T1.5 Cinema Lens MFT Mount-M

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Tokina Cinema Vista 16-28mm II T3.0 
with an EF mount and focus scales marked in feet is a wide-angle zoom lens that covers full-frame sensors and is designed to provide sharp images even when recording images at 8K resolution. 

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  • Tokina Cinema Vista 16-28mm T3 Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (EF Mount)
  • Front Lens Cap
  • Rear Lens Cap
  • Zoom Stick

The Tokina Cinema Vista 16-28mm T3.0 with an EF mount and focus scales marked in feet is a wide-angle zoom lens that covers full-frame sensors and is designed to provide sharp images even when recording images at 8K resolution. Featuring a parfocal design and a T3.0 aperture throughout its zoom range, the lens holds focus throughout the zoom range and does not ramp exposure as you get to the extremes of the zoom range. The lens design also reduces the breathing and image shift sometimes encountered while zooming and focusing. It uses aspherical elements and super-low dispersion glass in its optical design for optimal color correction and minimal distortion.

Sharing features with the Tokina Cinema Vista primes helps to provide a consistent look when swapping between lenses. The 9-bladed iris is shared among the lenses and produces attractive bokeh in out-of-focus areas, with naturalistic-looking out of focus highlights. The focus, iris, and zoom control rings have cine-style 0.8 Mod gears, and the focus ring features approximately 300 degrees of rotation, which matches the focus rotation on the Cinema Vista primes. The 16 to 28 zoom features a 114mm front diameter that is also in common with the Cinema Vista primes making for fewer adjustments to accessories when swapping lenses. In addition to an EF mount, the lens also has a built-in 1/4"-20 support foot that helps support the lens with the aid of an optional 1/4"-20 rod-mounted lens support (not included).

  • Wide-angle T3 manual-focus zoom lens
  • Parfocal lens design maintains focus while zooming
  • Covers full-frame 35mm sensors, images are suitable for 8K capture
  • Reduced breathing and image shifting while zooming or focusing
  • T3.0 aperture does not ramp during zoom
  • Aspherical, SLD (super-low dispersion) glass elements optimize color correction and reduce distortion
  • Clickless 9-bladed iris for precise exposure control and attractive bokeh
  • 114mm front diameter is compatible with most matte boxes
  • Cine-style lens housing is designed for use with follow focus systems
Image Sensor Size Supported Full-frame 35mm
Lens Mount EF Mount
Focal Length Range 16-28 mm
Aperture Range T3-22 (f/2.8-22)
Zoom Ratio 1.75:1
Optical Construction 13 groups
15 elements
Minimum Focus Distance 11" / 28 cm
Macro Magnification Ratio Maximum: 1:5.26
Iris Blades 9
Filter Thread 112 mm
Front Lens Diameter 114 mm
Gear Mod 0.8
Length 5.53" / 14 cm (overall)
5.31" / 13.5 cm (from front mount surface)
Weight 4.03 lb / 1.83 kg
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