Flycam Vista-II Arm & Vest with Galaxy-II camera Stabilizer

by Flycam
Dostupnost: Isporuka 7-10 dana

Weighing upto 15kg/33lbs

1.440,25 € 1.152,20 €

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  • Vista II Camera Stabilizer Arm
  • Vista DV Camera Stabilizer Vest
  • Bag Packing

Flycam unveils its new powerful combination of Vista-II Stabilizing Arm & Vest support to achieve superfine smooth moves in action. The dynamic Double section - vista arm design allows even beginners to learn its operation with ease. The arm has a manually adjustable tension steel spring which maintains the position of the stabilization system depending on the combined weight of camera and handheld stabilizer. The Vest is crafted from durable fabric with an ergonomic comfort design and a selectable position front arm mount ensures to ease operator stress over lengthy shoot days.

Dual Spring Arm

CNC Machined Aluminum Constructed Arm
Arm's Weight - 4 Kg/8.8lb
Design - Dual Section Arm
Blue Spring Payload - 2-6kg/4.4-13.2lb
Red Spring Payload - 6-15kg/13.2-33lb
Weight Carrying capacity - 15kg/33lb


Aluminium and fabric synthetic
Add the Material of vest
Vest’s Weight - 2.87 Kg/6.3lb
Waist Size - 28” to 60”


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