Nanlite D672II LED soft studio light

by Nanlite
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  • Nanlite D672II LED soft studio light
  • Power Cable

LED panel with soft light and DMX / Wi-fi control. High brightness output and even, soft lighting, no dazzling, stable color temperature and brightness. The housing is with heat dissipation system, it could lower the temperature of the housing, to ensure long time service life.

Size: 660x550x130mm

Packing: panel, brandoor, cable

LED Power 148W
Color Temperature 5600K
Brightness(LUX) 2717 lux - 1 m (5600K)
Cooling System Passive
Color Rendering Index >95
TLCI(Qa) >95
Brightness Control Yes, 0 to 100%
LED Beads Quantity 672
External Dimensions 581 x 442 x 93 mm
Net Weight 7.97 kg
Power Source 100-240V AC
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