Tilta Hydra Alien 75mm Ball Head Riser (200mm Height)

by Tilta
Raspoloživost: Isporuka 14-20 dana
  • 8" Riser
  • Compatible with 75mm Ball Heads
  • Steel and Aluminum Construction
875,00 kn 700,00 kn

Sadržaj pakiranja

  • Tilta Hydra Alien 75mm Ball Head Riser (8")
  • Tie-Down Nut

Securely mount your 75mm ball tripod head on the Hydra Alien system and gain height to create the shot you are looking for with this Hydra Alien 75mm Ball Head Riser from Tilta. Designed specifically to work with the Hydra Alien mounting system and made from steel and aluminum, this rugged 8" riser provides a 75mm bowl for larger heads. The included tie-down nut allows you to secure the riser. The 75mm bowl is compatible with virtually all 75mm ball base tripod heads.

Material of Construction Stainless Steel
  Aluminum Alloy
Mounting Head Fitting: 75 mm Bowl
Height 8" / 200 mm
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